Why Do You Need A Buyers’ Persona?

Buyers are the lifeblood of a business. Without their existence, any business won’t grow and possibly not exist.

And as I mentioned previously in my articles, knowing your audience plays a huge role in developing products, strategies, packaging, etc. (You can check out my article on Fundamentals of Marketing)

Buyers’ Persona is the semi-fictional representation of your buyers or it is the representation of a group of people having similar characteristics who are or can be your potential buyers.

Now, you would think why should I put effort to create a fictional character, when there is such a big market?

Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you’ll have your answers.

Imagine, your friends decide to gift you a present. One goes to a shop and buys any random thing and gifts it to you whereas, your best friend, who knows exactly how much you love that chocolate muffin, presents it to you.

Which gift will please you more? Honestly, I would appreciate both the gifts, yet love the one gifted by my best friend. The reason is obvious, he/she gave me what I liked, she knew my choice.

Now, this is where buyers’ persona comes into play when a business steps into a market. It lets you present a product/service that your customer wants or requires a solution of. So, your probability of satisfying them increases.

It helps you identify your qualified prospects who’re more likely to retain over time. But, how will you find your ideal user persona? I’ve got you covered.

Steps to create your Buyers’ Persona:

There are 3 basic steps to finding your ideal buyers’ persona, which is also referred to as “Customer Avatar”.

1. Identifying Your Customer:

Luckily we exist in an era, where communication has become so effortless.

All you need to do is create a survey form, fill in the most relevant questions that you think would help to understand your consumer’s behavior and preferences.

Through this entire process, all the information you collect and analyze would be based on real-time and not guesswork, hence your chances of risk and playing the if-but game reduces.

Along with that, you also get a bonus for a good user experience. That’s a definite hack to retain your customer.

Here are the top six points you should keep in mind while conducting a customer-avatar survey:

  1. Start with demographic questions like name, age, gender, marital status.
  2. Then ask psychographic questions like what is their goal? Likes? Fears? Challenges? – This creates a systematic flow while answering.
  3. Do not ask multiple questions at once. – Try to keep your questions short and limited.
  4. Refrain from writing leading questions – You want to know what’s in their mind.
  5. Ask open-ended questions, that allows the respondent to think.
  6. Frame questions as such to know the life-cycle of a buyer.
  7. Do not flood your survey with countless questions- create a short, precise and engaging survey.
  8. Thank your buyer for providing their feedback.

Tools You Can Use to create surveys:

  1. Google Form
  2. Type Form
  3. Survey Planet
  4. Zoho Survey

Now, go ahead and request your friends, existing customers, close ones to fill it up. You can also post it on different social media platforms.

2. Understanding Your Buyer

The data you have collected will now be segmented and analyzed.

In order to make the most out of the data and find your user persona, look for the most common/majority characteristics, features amongst the responses.

Once you do that, you can create another survey listing all the gathered features and ask your audience, how much can they resemble it? on a scale of 1-10.

Studying the behavioral pattern of a customer is a very important step for any business.

After you have got the responses, to refine your data a step further, invite your existing customers for a 1-on-1 interview, or if you don’t have a customer yet, invite one of your best-fit respondents.

This will build trust and also an opportunity to interact with your buyer where you can talk about his achievements, fears, dreams, hurdles and make them realize they’re being heard.

3. Personifying The Buyer:

Welcome to the final stage of finding your customer avatar.

By now, you would have got some idea about who your buyer is. This will help you to create a visual representation.

You can either sketch it yourself or use one of the customer avatar tools available like the Make My Persona tool by HubSpot.

Now, you know more about your buyer, you have a picture of them in your mind.

So, next time whenever you are planning to create an ad campaign, write an email, or introduce a new product into the market, refer back to your user persona.

You can create lead nurturing emails based on the information you have gathered which will create a sense of personalization and look appealing.

You can also find out a negative buyer persona which would represent who wouldn’t be fit for your product. This will help you save time and cost for the business while all your efforts are focused on your target audience.


Market Research has always been a key element in marketing, which includes finding your customer avatar.

Buyers’ Persona will benefit businesses to do precise and trusted communication with their customers.

The sense of belief will increase when you know what your users want, and what is their pain points.

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